Wellcome to my web site! In the menu located on your right hand side you find links to specific topics related with my research lines. It comprises :

  • An updated list of the publications included in JCR and refereed Conferences.
  • An overview of a stochastic-deterministic model for bed load transport that has been developed with Christophe Ancey at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The model is intended to be applied in quasi-one-dimensional gravel bed streams in steep slopes. Read our recent papers “Stochastic-deterministic modeling of bed load transport in shallow water flow over erodible slope: linear stability analysis and numerical simulation” (link1) and “Stochastic interpretation of the advection diffusion equation and its relevance to bed load transport” (link2) published in Advances in Water Resources and Journal of Geophysical Research.
  • Examples of applications of my flood modelling techniques and palaeo-hydraulic reconstruction of extreme hydrological events. I always use open source software available in the public domain, in particular ClawPack, SharpClaw and GeoClaw and Dassflow-Hydro. The interaction with Paul Carling and Steve Darby from the University of Southampton was a fundamental stage on my career. Read our recent paper published in International Geology Review.
  • The description of actual river engineering and reservoir sedimentation studies on the Guadalquivir River Basin.,This work is currently been done in collaboration with Fernando García-García and other colleagues at the University of Jaén. I have been presented some of the results in River Flow 2014 and Jornadas de Ingeniería del Agua 2015.
  • A brief review of the vortex shedding process in the laminar wake of afterbodies which was conducted with OpenFOAM. This study serves to proof the accuracy of such valuable open source finite volume code to computing instabilities and transitions in shear flows at finite wavenumber.
  • Some photographs during a funny course I organized to teach OpenFOAM and CAELinux 2013 for free to my students.
  • A brief Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a link to the painting gallery by Esther Gamez Blanquez.

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