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  • An emotive and interesting video for those of you who want to become teachers

    Enviado el marzo 28th, 2009AdministradorGeneral

    Dear all:

    I advice you to have a look at this video. It is in English, but the corresponding translation into Spanish also appears.

    Food for thought…

    \”His greatest lesson\”

  • Welcome to Yolanda Caballero’s teaching blog

    Enviado el marzo 28th, 2009AdministradorGeneral

    Dear students:

    Welcome to my teaching blog. It has been designed as a complement to the materials of my subjects already published in “Docencia Virtual”.

    I shall post interesting videos and materials which may give rise to productive discussion about different issues. Besides, you’ll find useful rss links which will keep you updated.

    I am really looking forwards to getting your contributions, messages and commentaries.

    All the best,