New City, new Start

Thanks to the Action 8a from the University of Jaén, the research team led by Dr. Jorge Pérez Fernández has been granted a predoctoral contract. It took some time to select the candidates, and I would like to thank all of them for their confidence in this new team at the UJA.

All members of the Team YFN and the Recycling Team welcome María del Carmen Mota Trujillo who will start in January 2022 her Ph.D.  María del Carmen will study the synthesis of ribosomes, the molecular factories synthesizing proteins. These complex molecular machinery are formed by 2 subunits of different sizes and composed of 4 ribosomal RNAs and 78 ribosomal proteins in most eukaryotic cells. Both ribosomal subunits are present in balanced amounts in all living organisms, and this equilibrium is key for correct gene expression. During her Ph.D., María del Carmen will characterize the molecular mechanisms assuring the balanced expression of both ribosomal subunits.

We wish you a joyful and successful Ph.D.!



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